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Report Says Microsoft Office Coming to iOS Early Next Year

Office for iOS

According to a report by The Verge today, all those rumors of Microsoft Office coming to iOS will prove true and we’ll see it on iOS devices early next year. They say Office for iPad, iPhone, and Android is ‘a reality’ and they’ve even got a comment to that effect from a Microsoft spokesperson:

Office will work across Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

The app is expected to be called Office Mobile and is set to debut on iOS a few months before Android. Great news for iOS users who need to work with MS Office documents frequently.

The not so great sounding news is that the app will allow users to view Office documents including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint – but editing capabilities (or more than basic editing capabilities) will only be enabled via an Office 365 subscription via In-App purchase. I haven’t been an Office user in years so maybe I’m way off base here, but a quick glance at Office 365 pricing plans does not seem appealing for individual users to me. It looks like it’s aimed at company / enterprise use only – as the plans start at $4/month. $48 per year for editing ability in an iOS app is not a price point that fits the current App Store model very well – perhaps they’ll offer a more consumer friendly plan by the time Office Mobile launches.

I think Office Mobile is already arriving late and that Microsoft should have been looking to get it on iOS and Android long before now. Hopefully they’ll price it right so that it has appeal for more than just enterprise use.

What do you all think about Office finally coming to iOS? Is there a cheaper Office 365 plan that I haven’t seen? Would you be happy getting an Office 365 subscription in order to get editing capabilities in this Office app?

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