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Apple Store App Updated, Now Supports Siri and Passbook


Apple released an update to their Apple Store app yesterday. This new version now supports Siri and the ability to emial Passbook gift cards to friends from within the app. That said, the Passbook features in this app do not appear to be turned on by Apple yet.

What’s coolest thing about this update, is the fact that you can ask Siri a question like “How much is an iPod touch?”, and the assistant brings up the Apple Store app, right to the product you were inquiring about. This kind of functionality shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that earlier this week we heard reports that Apple was building in movie ticket sales via Fandango in iOS 6.1. Apple is certainly making inroads into commerce with these kinds of updates.

At any rate, you can download the Apple Store app in the App Store for free.

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