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iSource Picks of the Week

Here we are yet again with another weekly installment of iSource's Picks of the Week. This is our weekly roundup of the apps, accessories and other products that we found personally interesting, and we think you, dear reader, might also enjoy as well. Without further delay, here are this week's picks.

ColorStrokes HD
Picked by PatrickJ

This is the latest new photo editing / graphics app for the iPad from MacPhun. MacPhun are the makers of one of my all-time favorite iPad photo effects apps – FX Photo Studio HD. ColorStrokes HD lets you add back color to selected areas of an image, and adds a few very nice bells and whistles as well. The app lets you add color, paint onto the image with any color you like, adjust the image's background, adjust brightness, contrast, and a vignette effect if desired, and add a few simple effects.

You can take a new photo within the app or work with an image from your photo library or from Facebook.

Like FX Photo Studio, ColorStokes HD offers a good set of features and makes them super simple to use.

Price: $0.99

Swift Player
Picked by AliciaB

My Pick this week is a universal iOS app that offers frankly what Apple should be offering as a stock app. Quite simply it allows you to download video and also audio from the web. Sounds easy? It is. It’s called Swift Player and it’s brought to us by Tapparatus.

Seriously how can you audio and video onto your iPhone or iPad without iTunes or App Store? Swift Player does this and also features speed-up-slow-down playback. You can have all audio and video in ONE PLACE (Apple separates audio and video content in iOS). You can of course also access content from your library or dropbox and also transfer files to different places, very easily. This app quickly found its way to my main home screen and I’ve been using it regularly to download TV episodes or interesting clips that I can watch later when I have no internet. If you are looking for a simple but strong app to download stuff from youtube, try Swift Player out.

Price: US$ 2.99

Evernote 5 for iOS
Picked by Thomas

My pick is Evernote 5 for iOS. It's a drastically overhauled version of Evernote with a cooler, higher contrast icon, revamped user interface, and a focus on speed. The iPhone and iPad apps now share similar looks, similar to the most recent release of the Mac app. New notes are now only ever two taps away at any given time, and you can now specify whether a note will start as a picture, a digitally “scanned” image, or text (where before you simply tapped on a new note button on decided that all later on).

Evernote 5 is a massive win. The iPhone version is slick, and the iPad app finally feels like it belongs in the same suite of apps. Definitely check this one out.

Price: Free

Angry Birds Star Wars
Picked by Alex Jordan

I'm not a super fan of the Angry Birds franchise, but I respect it for being a sensation, and enjoy playing the games from time to time. I am however, a Star Wars nerd, so Angry Birds Star Wars is a fun mix of both worlds. The game plays just like you would expect an Angry Birds game to play, but with interesting twists. The Luke Skywalker bird has a lightsaber, the Han Solo bird has a blaster. All of this is fun and interesting enough to keep your interest. Angry Birds Star Wars is available on the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Price: iPhone – $0.99, iPad – $2.99, Mac – $4.99


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