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Swapping Smart Cover Colours

I had a few friends over earlier in the week, and one of them lauded my choice of the red Smart Cover for my iPad mini. She said that it was about time that I sported some colour – regardless of whether it was on my clothing or on my gadgets. I promptly disappointed her by bringing out my iPad mini and Smart Cover combo, thereby showing her that I had returned the red and opted for dark gray instead. I’ll readily admit that my newer dark gray cover isn’t exciting. It’s fetching and functional – but exciting? Not by a long shot.

That’s the point, though. I decided a little while after writing my iPad mini Smart Cover review that the red was actually a little too red. I still stand by the review – just not the colour. If it had been the gorgeous red leather of the original Smart Cover, then we’d be talking. I’ve seen those in person, and they’re downright sexy. Unfortunately, that sultry red didn’t quite make the switch from leather to polyurethane. The red on the mini Smart Cover is a bright red, like on first-aid kit or a toy firetruck. It’s a little more playful than I’d really like for my device, and it felt a little too loud. I don’t bring my iPad mini out in public to show it off – I just want to use it in peace.

Apple’s choice of colours for these Smart Covers are just a little too much fun for me, so it’s back to dark gray for now, even though I’m secretly wishing there was a midnight black option.

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