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Just Ordered a Small Tablet, But It’s Not an iPad

Nexus 7

That’s a post title I didn’t think I’d be writing a year ago, or even 6 months ago. But just a little while ago I placed an order for a Nexus 7 32GB. I tried to order it earlier in the day, but at that point there were only WiFi models available – not the WiFi plus mobile data model that I wanted. So I submitted an email form to be notified when the mobile data capable models were available – thinking it would be several days or maybe some weeks before they came out.

Then I got back to my desk after being out over the midday period and had an email from Google Play saying the model I wanted was  now on sale. In 10 minutes my order was placed, and in 3-5 days I should be a new Nexus 7 owner.

This will be my first ever ‘pure’ Android device. I’ve played with some that friends have and occasionally in a store,  but never owned one before. I mention the word pure because I did buy the original Kindle Fire and this year’s Kindle Fire HD and spent several weeks with each of those. I wasn’t impressed much at all, but my understanding is A) that Amazon’s ‘fork’ of Android is a pretty major overhaul and B) that the Kindle Fire hardly represents the best of Android tablets since Amazon essentially sells them at a loss in the hope of making lots of money through users’ purchases of Amazon products on the device.

I should mention that this purchase doesn’t signal any ‘switching of sides’ on my part. I’m not tired of Apple or iOS devices, or even of Apple’s tablets in particular. I bought the iPad mini on launch day, and will return my WiFi model this week only so that I can get the new WiFi + Cellular model when it comes out (hopefully next week).

Instead it just means that I am a huge fan of tablet devices and the iPad mini has shown me that I very much like the lighter, smaller tablet size as well. I followed Google’s recent announcement of its new Nexus range and thought both the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10 sounded quite imppressive. So this seems like a fine time to really get to know an Android device.

This will be interesting to me in terms of getting to know the Nexus 7 and Android on a (presumably flagship) tablet, and also in comparing it to the iPad mini that I already love using.

I’m excited to see the Nexus 7 and start using it – hopefully that will happen quite soon.

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  • nexus

    i’d have to assume that you got the tablet through the us or canadian google play stores as they are not available in australia

  • Maximillion82

    This tablet is a very good choice, considering the low price, the value on it is definitely greater than the value of an iPad mini. I don’t mean to bash Apple, but the Nexus line is priced very competitive and Android came a long way and is now on par with iOS (depending on what you are doing with the device, there are advantages and disadvantages on either side), but overall both systems have matured to a point where they do every task we currently know well.