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Samsung Denies Reports of Price Increases on iOS Chips

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It was reported earlier this week that Samsung had raised the price of Apple’s A-series chips used in iOS devices. From the outside looking in, it would seem that this was a spiteful move, considering that Apple and Samsung are still embroiled in an ongoing patent battle.

The Street is now pointing to a report from The Hankyoreh, a Korean newspaper, which states that a Samsung executive is downplaying the claims that Samsung has raised the price of manufacturing of the A-series chips. This unnamed executive claims that these prices are set at the begging of the year, and cannot be changed easily.

This story has broke around the same time that Samsung claimed they have no interest in settling their dispute with Apple. At any rate, I believe what I said when this story first broke- Apple is looking for someone, anyone to take over chip manufacturing for them. After all, the relationship with Samsung has soured, and it would be in their best interest to do so. Especially considering that Samsung, in some form or fashion, took Apple’s work and brought their own tablets to market.

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