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New iMacs May Not Be Delivered Until Early Next Year Report Claims

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French site MacBidouille is reporting that Apple’s new iMacs, which were introduced last month, may not ship until early sometime next year. This is despite Apple’s claim that the smaller 21.5″ model would ship in November and the 27″ model would ship by the end of the year.

It seems that the delay stems from Apple’s use of advanced welding techniques, and a new manufacturing process to create the thinner LCD panel. This shouldn’t be a surprising. A trend has emerged wherein Apple continues to push what it possible in regards to mass production and the techniques utilized, the company has had to push back the release of some of their products.

I sincerely appreciate the company’s desire to push the envelope, but several products have been pushed back due to this. The most famous case that comes to mind is that of the white iPhone 4. It was introduced in the summer of 2010, and didn’t make it to market until spring of 2011. The new iMacs certainly look fantastic, but this is a trend that troubles me at Apple.

Comparisons to the late Steve Jobs are cheeky, but I think this is one occasion where it’s applicable. Jobs had a desire to reach perfection, but he also had a desire to ship products. It seems that Apple has the “perfection” bit wedged deeply in its DNA, but the “ship” element may be beginning to falter. Time will tell I suppose.

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