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Day One 1.9 Review (for iPhone and iPad)

My journal entry for Thursday, November 15, 2012 simply says: !!!. That’s because yesterday was when Day One 1.9 for iPhone and iPad came out, and it’s kind of a big deal. It’s got full text search, great tag support, and Markdown support for footnotes (although I use very little Markdown in my journal entries as is).

I’ve been wanting search in the iOS apps for a while now, and it works wonderfully. Not only can you now find specific words in older journal entries, but Day One’s list view will also highlight the words for you so that you have an idea of where they occur in a given entry. The only issue with search is that it can be a little difficult to find. It’s only accessible in the Timeline and Starred views, so if you prefer to use Day One mainly through the Calendar view, you might not notice that search has been added at all.

Then there are the tags, which are a major help in organizing entries. You can add tags to posts manually by tapping on the tags button during editing, swipe on an entry from the list view, or add a #hashtag while writing an entry to have Day One automatically parse the text and create a tag from it. Better yet: once tags are created, Day One will offer to auto-complete your hash tags as you type them, making it incredibly easy to add multiple tags without any hassle. I’ve now got tags for vacation days, birthdays, and Amazing Food Pics.

But let’s do a quick recap; Day One now features syncing (via Dropbox or iCloud) across iPhone, iPad, and Mac; it shows pictures, organizes entries by tags, and conducts lightning-fast text searches of my 500+ entries. Day One is everything I wanted Momento for iPhone to be – and so much more. In fact, with the changes that v1.9 has brought to the table, it almost seems like Day One is positioning itself to become a powerful note-taking app, as well.

When I think of the things I like to keep in Evernote – recipes, quick thoughts, picture notes depicting what brand of soap to buy – all of these things could likely be stored in Day One and accessed via tags and search. What’s more, because Day One stores all of the information locally on devices, it might even be faster to access than Evernote (even with the wonderful changes in Evernote 5 for iOS). I may well try Day One out as a general notes manager, but for now, I’d just suggest that you all download v1.9 immediately. Oh, and here’s a link to buy the app, just in case you haven’t done so already.

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  • Chris

    I made the mistake of buying Day One after using Momento for the pas 18 months.
    It’s 5 times the price of Momento and is only now reaching most of the capabilities of Momento. I only now realise the elegance and simplicity of Momento fully after playing a bit with Day One.

    Day One Pro’s:
    – Elegant interface
    – Importing the weather

    Day One Cons:
    – High price.
    – Incapable of exporting plain text files.
    – Massive 31,9MB file (bloatware?).
    – Sluggish on iPhone 4.

    – In the Timeline the date is repeated for every entry falling on the same date, instead of combining all entries of a particular day under the one date, making the Time Line appear very busy.
    – Incapable of merging or deleting tags.

    To summerize: save yourself some money and get Momento. It may be boring, but it’s infinately less of a hassle to use.