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BookBook for iPhone 5 Looks Like the Ultimate Wallet-Case Combo

That’s the BookBook for iPhone 5, and it’s now available to order for $60. I expected it to simply be taller and camera-holier than the BookBook I used on my iPhone 4S, but it looks like TwelveSouth took the time to optimize the case design for Apple’s newest smartphone.

There’s now a third card slot along the left side of the screen, and the iPhone 5 now sits inside of a thin leather frame instead of a full leather enclosure (as in the 4S version of the case). This new BookBook should also be just a hair slimmer as well, which should make it ever-so-slightly more pocket friendly (a slight problem with the previous BookBook). I would be all over this case if I had an iPhone 5.

If you’re interested in more details and shots, head over to TwelveSouth.

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  • I would love to have this case. But as you mentioned it might just be too thick still. I need something that very easy to get in and out of my pockets. I get my phone out to often, to have something that I have to mess with every time I try to get it out.