Blackberry 10 Reminds Me Of How Much I Want A Better iPhone Keyboard

Check out this video of the software keyboard on Blackberry 10 devices. You can swipe up to accept text-predicted words, you can swipe down to add numbers and symbols, and you can swipe to delete words.

Time will tell if these are simply too many gestures to pack into one area, but I do think these innovations are something Apple should take note of. I’ve been an iPhone user since the beginning and yet I still find myself tripping over auto-corrections, especially because they require me to take move away from the keyboard to reject them. This means that I have to look away from the keys while typing to see if everything is spelled correctly, or look at the keyboard while I type and risk being auto-corrected in an idiotic way.

I much prefer solutions like the one that RIM presents in Blackberry 10, where the keyboard and auto-correction or prediction are melded into one cohesive unit on-screen.

  • Aaron Charteris

    Another iPhone copy – keyboard looks good though – guess it won’t be hard to get one of those phones. !

  • Armed in the Villa

    I likes that keyboard!

  • theycallmemrsinister

    Don’t worry, Apple will copy it in six months, claim they invented it and Engadget will proclaim it magic! (after calling it lame on the BB of course)

  • NEO327