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Letterpress Update Text: Leave It to a Word Game to Get Some Humor In There

Letterpress Word Game

Letterpress Word Game is a superb app and one of the most fun to play word games for iOS. I personally enjoy it almost as much as I suck at it, which is saying something.

Now the game is also responsible for my favorite bit of app update text in the App Store. Ever. I won’t wreck it by trying to paraphrase – just check it out:

What’s New in Version 1.1

– Rematch! (requires iOS 6 or newer)
– Option to silence sounds. FYI I worked really hard on those sounds. No, no, go ahead, turn off the sounds if you want.
– Added words to the dictionary (and removed a few goofs).
– Fixed “Tell a Friend” via Facebook. People use Facebook?
– Clearer instructions. Yes, days of the week are proper nouns. No, they are not allowed.
– Handle servers errors a bit better. CROSS YOUR FINGERS THAT’S SOME GNARLY CODE.
– Less bugs! Not that I’m saying there were any bugs before. But there are definitely fewer now.
– Fixed syncing deleted games across devices.
– Tiles are now tappier when you tap tiles fast. Tap tappity tap tap.
– I like cookies.
– Send Game Center friend requests right from the app! Holy moly! So cool! Friend your friends with the friendlier friender!
– In-app purchases are less forgetful.
– Does anybody read these? Helloooooo?

That’s just brilliant. Definitely the first time I’ve had a really good laugh while reading an app’s update change list. It’s also good to see that the App Store review team seems to have grown a sense of humor all of a sudden. I can recall the days when even one slightly flippant line in update text would get the update rejected. Great job all round on this one.

Oh, and if you like word games and haven’t tried out Letterpress yet, you really should. Here’s an App Store link – it’s a free game.

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