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Cool Things: Internal Apple Retail Video Leaked, See it While You Can

Ron johnson

Over the past few years, Apple has become famous for its product videos with over-exposed white backgrounds and company executives explaining their latest creation. Well, an internal video, made almost identically to those promotional videos that accompany product launches, has surfaced on the web. For now, you can see the video here at TechCrunch.

The video seems to date from sometime in the summer of 2011, as Ron Johnson, Apple’s former retail chief, is prominently featured in the video. Johnson left Apple for JC Penny in November of 2011.

At any rate, it seems that Apple PR has been tracking this video across the internet, and requesting that it be pulled. So, see it while you can, on whatever site you can. TechCrunch seems to have a stable mirror at the moment.

What strikes me most, is that the video is very well put together, just to be used internally. Then again, would we expect any different from Apple?

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  • nightscout13

    The video is down….