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Do iCloud Tabs Ever Expire?

iCloud tabs are quite useful because they show you the open Safari tabs across all of your iOS 6 and Mountain Lion devices. It works almost like a passive bookmarking system, allowing me to load up big websites on my iPhone and come back to them later on my MacBook Pro or iPad mini.

But what happens to iCloud tabs on a device you no longer have access to? What if you forgot to close down all of your tabs before resetting and selling a device? Will the three open tabs for Facebook, IGN.com, and ILoveCanada.ca show up under the iCloud Tabs for “Thomas’ iPad 2” forever?

Fortunately, the answer is no – all you have to do is wait a week. Once a week has gone by without changes being made to the iCloud tabs on a given device, those tabs simply disappear. This is wonderfully simple, and a lot easier than borrowing the iPad 2 I’ve already sold, logging back into my iCloud account, closing the tabs, and logging out…phew!

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