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New iMacs Will Be Available Friday, November 30th

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Apple has announced that the new iMacs that they introduced last month, will go on sale this Friday, November 30th. The smaller, 21.5-inch model will be available immediately, via a variety of retail channels. The larger, 27-inch model will begin shipping in December.

In all, this falls right in line with when Apple said the new iMacs would become available. However, I must complain about something, as I often do. I’m growing weary of Apple giving a launch timeframe, such as “November” and that actually meaning “the last week of November”. Apple has pulled this maneuver before, with the two most recent releases of OS X. Both were set for release in “July”. This actually meant, “the very end of the month.”

Anyway, the new iMacs are on their way, and on time. Just barely.

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  • Daniel

    I was going to get this computer. I checked everyday since they announced them. But I decided to go with last years model with 256gb of a solid state drive and a tb. For less then the base 27inch model. And the specs are much better. Glad I didn’t wait.