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Will.i.am Introduces New iPhone Accessory Complete with Camera and Slide-Out Keyboard

Iam plus vintage front

The Telegraph is reporting that Will.i.am has introduced a new “i.am+” accessory. The accessory comes in several models: £199 C.4 “contemporary” and £299 V.4 “vintage”, which both work with the iPhone 4/4S. The device also comes with a slide-out keyboard and launches on December 6th. These two versions of the device use the iPhone’s built in camera with the option to switch out lenses, such as for zoom and fisheye effects.

Iam plus vintage back

The C.5/V.5 model which work with the iPhone 5, come with a dedicated 14-megapixel camera and flash. This model will not launch until next year.

At any rate, the device requires a companion app, which will also feature a i.am photo sharing service similar to the very popular Instagram.

Unknown 500x312

Perhaps this will catch on, and the black version certainly looks interesting, but to me, it’s a superfluous waste of energy. You’re really not adding to the phone’s functionality, just “improving” it. A slide out keyboard and fisheye lenses do not appeal to me in the slightest, and when the device costs as much as the phone, I see no use for it.

What do you, our lovely reader, think of this device? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Richard

    This has already existed for years, it’s called the mCAMLITE: https://www.actionlifemedia.com/mcamlite

    • nightscout13

      You’re forgetting, that a black rapper is being used to market this. That gets a certain demographic to automatically buy it. Even if it’s total crap.

      • spicymeatball

        Give me some beats headphones to go with it and I’m going to look tots sick.