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Fantastical for iPhone Review

Fantastical for Mac wasn’t the first app to parse text like “meeting at 7 am next Monday” to create a calendar event called “meeting” and schedule it for 7 AM on the following Monday – but it was the first app to do it with oodles of style. Fantastical for iPhone doesn’t tuck nicely into the status bar like the Mac app does, but it still has a number of nifty little tricks up its sleeve.

First of all, all of that delicious text parsing is still present, which means that you can type or dictate things like:

  • duel at the church at noon on Sunday
  • fight with roommate about dishes at ten PM
  • talk about my fear of breakfast every day at 7 am

Each of those strings of text will create calendar events in Fantastical, each with dynamically filled fields of information detailing location, how often an event repeats, and when it takes place. This is simpler and definitely more fun than tapping on different Title, Location, and Time fields to create events (as other calendar apps often require you to do).

Once you’ve created a new event, Fantastical shows you a preview of the day that event falls on, and then brings you back to today. This little detail might not work for people who create several events at once, but it works well for me.

The DayTicker combines a standard day view with an agenda view. It’s neat, compact, and smoothly animated. The calendar view can be accessed by pulling down on the DayTicker (which is a refreshing take on the pull-to-refresh mechanic).

There’s basically no negative feedback from me here — well, actually, I do wish Fantastical would use a badge to show the current date over its icon, but that’s it. I’ve had just under a week with Fantastical and it’s made a great, full replacement to Apple’s calendar app. This iPhone app is already as wonderful as its Mac counterpart, and it has been a pleasure to use such a laser-focused piece of software. Fantastical is an easy recommendation to any iPhone user, and a bargain for its current $1.99 price point.

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