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Oh Yeah, This Just Arrived&ndash – HiRise for MacBook

HiRise for MacBook

I didn’t do a ton of Black Friday / Cyber Monday shopping this year. And my favorite purchase wasn’t even a big deal item, it’s one I paid regular price for. It’s the HiRise for MacBook – and it just arrived at my house a few minutes ago.

It took no time at all to savage the packaging (which rather lovely by the way) and get my 15 inch MacBook Pro happily seated on the HiRise. I love it already. It’s got the MacBook Pro at a perfect height – much more ergonomic and it should dissuade me from hunching over my desk so much during the day.

I have worked with a wireless mouse for a long while now, so now I just need to get a bit more used to working with the Apple wireless keyboard.

Big thanks to Thomas for his recommendation and review of the HiRise for Mac. It’ s another excellent Twelve South product and my MacBook Pro and I are very glad to have it around.

These go for $69.99 and you can see details and place an order at the Twelve South product page for the HiRise for MacBook.

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