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Minigore 2 is Here (But Lost Co-op!)

Minigore was one of my favourite iPhone games. It was a simple dual-stick shooter with a lot of personality, lots of enemies to kill, and some seriously savage and explosive power-ups. When the game finally added co-op, I thought it had really hit its stride. I played that game until I was utterly sick of it (then I played a little more, for good measure).

Minigore now has a sequel in Minigore 2 for iPhone and iPad, and the scale is bigger and badder than ever. There are more characters to enjoy right off the bat, more weapons to deploy, and far more enemies on screen than ever before. The major downside for me? The game seems to have lost co-op somewhere along the way. Co-op apparently wasn’t very lucrative for the developers, but I really loved the idea, and am disheartened that it’s not in the sequel. I have plenty of iPhone games to play by myself or against friends, but too few that let me play alongside my buddies.

But who am I kidding? I’ll probably still buy this little game, just for old time’s sake.

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  • I am loving this game so far. It is lightyears ahead of the old one. I am just hoping that they add some multiplayer here soon. That would really set this thing off. That and some more Game Center Achievements of course. :]