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Twitterrific 5 (for iPhone and iPad)

Twitterrific 5 for iPhone and iPad was released last night. It is not a free upgrade for previous owners of the Twitterrific app, but the current $3 asking price is well within reason for such a gorgeous bundle of pixels.

The unified, colour-coded timeline that Twitterrific is known for is still present, but the tabs for tweets, mentions, and messages has been moved to the top. Content doesn’t feel like it’s being framed artificially as in many other apps – it’s simply displayed within the bounds of an iPhone or iPad screen. The result is a very open app that’s a joy to explore, but isn’t overwhelming or intimidating to navigate. The app still lacks push notifications, live streaming, and a Mac counterpart, but these things are all on the roadmap.

Twitterrific works beautifully on both my iPhone 4S and iPad mini, and the added gestures, iCloud and Tweet Marker sync, and fresh look are well worth the asking price. I haven’t wanted to use any other Twitter app since Tweetbot, but Twitterrific feels like a breath of fresh air. I also love its pull-to-refresh animation.

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