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Instagram 3.2 for iPhone

I don’t use Instagram for the bulk of my photography because I don’t like cropping everything into a square and having it only accessible through one web service, but there’s no denying the app is a lot of fun to use. This newest 3.2 update, which adds a new camera interface with a larger shutter button and Facebook Camera-style photo picking, magnifies the fun ā€“ and even adds some very snazzy new animations along the way. There’s even a new Willow filter for those who prefer to focus on the delicious interplay between light and dark ā€“ or for those who are just sick of all of the other hipster filters.

The only thing I’d like to see at this point is a grid view for the main timeline. The Explore Tab and User Profiles have grid views, so why can’t I see recently posted pictures in a lovely gridstagram, as well?

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