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Foldify for iPad

I live in an almost paperless house. I don’t mean that in the look-how-green-I-am kind of way. I mean it’s actually ridiculous because when an app like Foldify comes around, I’m simply unable to take bask in the glory of its coolness.

Foldify offers you a selection of templates, a set of stickers and colours, and lets you go to town and make your own paper figures on your iPad. You can keep track of the entire process with a live 3D preview that shows you exactly how good (or bad) your spray-painted paper Superman is going to look when you print it out. But don’t just take my word for it, watch this video and find out for yourself.

The app is currently just $2, and while it isn’t exactly a productive use of paper and your coloured toner – it’s a wonderfully playful idea, and probably well worth the resources you’ll pour into it.

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