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Google Maps for iPhone is Back!

You there, iOS 5 user hiding in the bushes, it’s okay to come out now. Google Maps for iPhone is back. It’s safe to upgrade to iOS 6. 

If you’re tired of the lack of transit instructions, the nuclear-wasteland satellite pictures, and hilarious misplacements of businesses and towns that plague Apple’s own Maps app – Google is here to save you. It’s got the same cleaner look of the newer YouTube and Gmail apps, it has turn-by-turn directions, and it loads quickly because it uses vectors (just like Apple’s Maps app, and Google Maps on Android). You can sign into your Google account to keep track of your search history and mark Favourites, but you can’t directly access your phonebook any more. This means you can’t just type “Mom” or “Dad” and get directions, though you can still specify “Work” and “Home” addresses.

I’m really glad Google Maps is back. I haven’t had any major disasters with Apple Maps, but it has been really annoying to have so many of my local businesses so far off the map (some coffee shops show up in the middle of the street). Google’s database is just plain better at this point in time, so I’m glad to be able to use it again in a native app. I’m also sure it’s just a matter of time until we see it on iPad.

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  • NinjaPop

    Apple got owned

    • GodoStoyke

      Not really. Google refused to provide turn-by-turn mapping for iOS. Now Apple is collecting its own map data AND has turn-based iOS google maps 🙂

  • Teh_Babyarm

    Google Maps for iOS is glorious.