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Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves Review

My ideal pair of gloves would have these characteristics: thin and flexible enough to handle cards and keys, small enough to be stored easily in a single coat pocket, and yet warm enough to handle winters in Toronto. Mujjo sent me two pairs of their newly improved gloves that claim to tick off all of these checkboxes – and work handily with touchscreens as well.

Mujjo’s touchscreen gloves are delightfully simple. The black gloves feature hints of silver, while the tan gloves are a single tone which would look great during the fall. Both sets have a leather tag that sports the brand name along the cuff. It’s a classy, but not a showy look.

These gloves don’t have the telltale nubs of other touchscreen-compatible gloves because Mujjo has woven nylon fibers throughout the fabric, resulting in a seamless, functional design. My medium-size gloves fit my large hands and are a breeze to put on or take off (though it’s best to start from the cuff). The thinness also makes it easy to handle cards, open and close my bag, and manage other small items with these gloves on. 


Swiping to unlock, answering calls, and launching apps is surprisingly easy. It’s only while typing or tapping small targets that I feel clumsier. I have to press hard against the screen to achieve the same kind of accuracy I’m used to without any gloves on. I won’t be writing very long emails out in the cold, but Mujjo’s gloves enable me to answer quick texts. What does feel out of the question is tapping on small targets, like the ‘x’ for dismissing notifications or clearing the search bar in Safari. It’s been a good week now and I still have trouble doing that.


Mujjo’s gloves offer a decent amount of insulation: enough to keep me warm in mild weather, but not toasty warm. For typical fall weather, these gloves are just right. However, for winter in Toronto (e.g. -5 or -15 degrees Celcius), these gloves need a little assistance to keep my hands warm. My fingers are alright when I have them wrapped around a bag or while I’m holding my iPhone up during a call, but otherwise I need to retreat to my pockets after 10-15 minutes – especially if there’s a cold wind blowing.


Mujjo’s gloves light and thin enough to allow me to do most of the things I’d do with bare hands, and they provide enough of a buffer to keep my hands from getting painfully cold. They don’t provide enough insulation to keep my hands outside of my pockets indefinitely, but I’m fine with compromising a bit of insulation for finger flexibility, portability, and touchscreen compatibility.

The latter sounds like a nice little perk on paper, but it makes a big difference when you’re clad in full winter gear, holding a coffee in one gloved hand, and your phone suddenly starts ringing. I would usually have to stop, re-organize things in order to peel a glove off, and then answer my phone. With Mujjo’s touchscreen gloves, I skip straight to the last step and answer the call, and I think that alone is worth the (approximately) $32 asking price.

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