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Waterfield CitySlicker for iPad Review

I love my Tucano Workout Vertical for storing my iPad mini and MacBook Pro, but when Waterfield told me about their new CitySlicker for iPad, I still jumped at the chance to review it. I liked how compact the whole package looked in pictures with its chocolate leather, and I thought it would be a great way to tote around my iPad mini and its accompanying keyboard into a tiny bag that I basically wouldn’t feel on my shoulder. I’ve spent a little over two weeks with the Waterfield CitySlicker for iPad, and it’s wonderful.

Choose the iPad version, not the one for the mini

There are two new versions of the CitySlicker: one for the iPad, and one for the iPad mini. I specifically asked for Waterfield to send me the one for the iPad (despite the fact that I use an iPad mini), because I thought the smaller version of the bag would simply be too small. TUAW reviewed the mini CitySlicker, and based on their photos, I think I made the right call. The full-sized version that I’m using nets you an extra mesh pocket, a little more room in the main compartment, and a little more space for the rear pocket compared to the mini. I also think the iPad CitySlicker still resides safely in “bag” territory, while some might be tempted to call the mini version a “murse”.


The CitySlicker features the same build quality as all of the other Waterfield bags I’ve bought or reviewed – which is to say that it’s fantastic. The ballistic nylon is really, really tough, but the bag still still dresses up and down nicely, thanks to the leather flap up front.

I ordered two options with the bag: a handle and a set of D-rings (for a shoulder strap). The handle is a really useful touch because it folds flat and partly into the bag when it’s not in use.


A zippered pocket lines the back of the CitySlicker, and it’s big enough to hold my notebook, iPhone charger, and a few coupons. The mesh pockets on the front hold a stylus, a pen, my iPhone, and my earphones securely, but the elasticity of the mesh makes it very easy to reclaim my items when I need them. Behind the pockets is the felt-lined iPad compartment which is just large enough to fit my iPad mini and the keyboard from my Writer Plus.

The pockets and main compartment are secured by the large chocolate leather flap, which clasps shut with two satisfying clicks. While the bag is closed, there’s really no worry about any items falling out. The whole thing feels secure and wonderfully compact. The bag can take a few knocks, too: one of my friends accidentally knocked the CitySlicker off of a chair, but my iPad mini survived the ordeal, unfazed. Just note that while the entire main compartment is protected by plastic and cushioned by felt, the mesh pockets on the front and back are not padded at all (so be mindful of placing your iPhone there).


Products from Waterfield are always superbly made, but I think this CitySlicker bag stands out as one of the company’s best designs yet. It’s a sharp-looking bag that’s perfect for a minimal loadout and – based off of the other Waterfield products I own – should be rugged enough to last for years and years.

I love the handles for quick storage, I love the compact frame for crowded subway rides, and I love how secure the bag feels in transit. The bags start at $89 for the mini version, but I highly recommend ponying up the extra $10 for the full-sized iPad CitySlicker ($99) and at least $5 to add some D-Rings for a shoulder strap.

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