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IMDb 3.0 Lands on iPad

IMDb 3.0 is a big update for the app’s iPad interface. It’s darker and more svelte and does more to convince you that the design team took the iPad’s screen size as a more serious opportunity. The app used to look a lot more like your vanilla uninspired iPad app – a main area for content (which was adapted from the iPhone version), and a sidebar for filmographies or cast members.

The new version of the app feels a lot more dynamic, much like Netflix or Pulse for iPad. It’s actually a really fetching design. You scroll vertically and horizontally through content, and the content frames aren’t all the same size any more. It’s also a lot easier to add things to your watch list now, so you can keep a much better tally of all the films and series you’d like to catch up on.

IMDb 3.0 is a free download on the App Store, and a much better experience than simply using their mobile website (especially if you’re looking through TV episode titles).

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