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So Long, It’s Been Big Fun


Hopefully some of you lovely iSource readers still remember way back in the day when this site was called Just Another iPhone Blog. I founded that site back in 2007, sold it in 2010, and have carried on here as Editor in Chief afterwards and since it has changed its name to iSource and broadened its focus to all things Apple related.

I’ve enjoyed writing here and being involved with the site tons over these years. Enjoyed sharing cool apps, handy tips, funny stuff – and of course talking with many of you via the comments and social networks about all these topics.

The owners here are making some changes and one of them is to bring some fresh blood to the editorial staff here. As part of those changes, I’ll be departing – as will a couple of my colleagues.

It’s been great being part of iSource and I hope and fully expect it will continue to improve and bring you all the Apple focused content you love to see.

I hope some of you may choose to check out my writing at my iPad Insight site, or just keep in touch via Twitter or Google+.

Happy holidays to all of you, and thanks for making it so much fun here at JAiB and iSource.

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  • DoubleAron

    I wish you success in your next ventures Patrick!

  • DoubleAron

    Best of luck Patrick

  • Mike

    Farewell Partick, has been great reading your articles (and entering the odd giveaway too) and all the best for the future

  • Just like Apple… they didn’t adapt to change and now are reeling with bad sales, management and buggy updates. Good luck as you have left at exactly the right time.. as the ship is going down.

  • Randall

    Goodbye Patrick. Best of luck!!!

  • Fred Cline

    At least when you you were here Patrick this site used to get content updates. There have been 3 posts since your farewell before Christmas. Pretty sad.