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Fitness App Recommendations for 2013

With the calendar flipping to 2013, there’s also been the annual noticeable shift to focus on self-improvement, weight loss, and all-things exercise related. So of all the apps out there, which are worth their weight (pun intended) in gold? Keep reading to find out the picks I have been using for weeks, months, and even years!

My health conscious approach improved due to my iPhone! Several years ago, I decided that maybe, just maybe, technology could get me off the couch and into an exercise routine. And indeed it did.

Beginners Luck

Three years ago, I tried and succeeded in using a couch-to-5K app, C25K – now named Ease into 5K – by developers Alex and Tanya at Bluefin Software, who have now added multiple titles to their repertoire. Although I no longer use “Ease into 5K” as my default running app, it was my first exercise app and I have not only a fondness but also a recommendation for their easy-to-use apps and services. Alex and Tanya were also the earliest developers who responded to questions I had about their app; I anticipate their approach to their customers remain unchanged with their developing company.

Stage Two

After achieving the endurance to run a 5K, I was the focus for exercise app reviews. My next favorite company – and suite of apps – came from the strangely named company, lolo and developer Chris.

The once-named and reviewed app, lolo Burn, (now titled BeatBurn Treadmill/Outdoor Trainer) became my absolute favorite app for sustaining, coaching, and training. Their Beat Sync technology used in their Beatburn series of apps rocked my world and turned nearly any song I owned into a pace-setting motivation for running. Their apps were so impressive they made it to multiple “Pick of the Weeks” here at iSource.com and had nearly a dozen mentions – a testament to their products.

Although many of their products did not make it as a mention from me, lolo continues to offer specials, deals, and services that deserve the attention that I couldn’t give them.

I have tried focusing on specific areas of improvement through lolo’s Easy Series, and found the Easy Abs app to be my favored selection.

I didn’t make it to the Hardcore Training series, but the NEWLY released XFit Push Ups is on my 2013 focus list!

The Yoga app is simply gorgeous, peaceful, and serene. I’ve suggested it to many friends!

Lastly, if you’re wanting to take advantage of the Beat Sync technology to change the tempo of your songs – whether you’re exercising or not (karaoke anyone?) – then Tempo Magic Pro is the app to get.

Sustaining with…

So what do I currently use to sustain my exercise efforts of running? My main selection nearly the past nearly two years is the very popular Runkeeper – GPS Tracker for Running, Cycling, Walking.

Runkeeper automatically cross-posts to Twitter and Facebook, as well as archives the routes and activities at Runkeeper.com (you can see my public profile here). Although Runkeeper doesn’t have the beloved Beat Sync that lolo features, I have recorded so many exercise events in nearly two years, both automatically by GPS and manually, that I am reluctant to stop using it in favor of another service!

Beware my current favored Runkeeper: Bluefin Software has just released a free GPS tracking service and app called Runhelper, and lolo now has their own lolo Connect service that syncs fitness progress across all their apps and shares through social media!

Change is Hard

Resolutions are hard to keep: the reason we make them is the belief we deserve to make a change for the better. Therefore, iPhone/iPod exercise apps should be easy to use, help motivate, and track and share the progress we make. For these reasons and more, these developers and apps deserve your attention and consideration.

And, what other apps do you use? What should I be considering as well??

Happy New Years from those of us here at iSource!

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