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Jerry McDougal Apple’s VP of Retail Steps Down

Apple Store Flatirons Crossing

I’m not exactly someone with a full handle on the Apple structure of management, but experience has taught me that having top level folks drop off the map under the label of “to spend more time with family” typically doesn’t mean they had any intention of spending more time with said family. Of course this is Apple, and we will likely never know the full story, but with rumors of lower than expected sales of the iPhone 5 and decreased part orders the timing could definitely have been better. In any case, McDougal is out and according to All Things D will be replaced by Jim Bean who was the VP of Finance. (Insert expected bean-counter joke here).

Hat tip goes to ifoapplestore.com for breaking the news on this one.

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  • The fact that the name of the bean-counter itself is a dead giveaway of his former occupation seems like a good enough joke to me. Why isn’t the web exploding over itself regarding this thing?