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EDGE.sound Bluetooth Speaker Review

For the last few weeks I’ve been using the EDGE.sound alongside my iPad mini to provide music in my living room, while I work and cook. The tiny Bluetooth speaker is loud enough to fill the room with the sounds of music and podcasts, and I love how I can place the EDGE.sound anywhere I like, because it’s wireless.

The setup was painless. The rear end of the speaker has an on/off switch, and along the top are a set of volume buttons and a single button for pairing. After a quick flip of the power switch and a few seconds of holding the pairing button, I was ready to pair the speaker with my iPad. I’ve had to do that only once, and the two devices have been intelligent enough to automatically reconnect ever since.

As mentioned earlier, the EDGE.sound is easily powerful enough to fill a room with tunes, although the audio quality does seem to suffer from compromises made to achieve the tiny form factor. Vocals are quite clear, but instrumentals tend to feel like they take a back seat during playback, and bass can sound quite tinny (especially if you’re used to speakers with some sort of woofer). But, to be perfectly honest, that tends to matter a lot less after becoming accustomed to how easy the EDGE.sound makes portable music playback. The speaker weighs next to nothing, lasts for three or four days of use, and makes for a good little gaming speaker in a pinch. I’ve also been using the 3.5mm aux-in built into the back of the device to turn the EDGE.sound into a makeshift desktop PC speaker for playing Battlefield 3 and Counter-Strike: GO.

It’s really only when it comes to using the EDGE.sound as a speakerphone that it disappoints. I’ve had issues getting it to pick my voice up properly for Siri commands, and the calling experience simply has not been very good.

Surprisingly, however, that’s quite alright. The main strength of the EDGE.sound is the flexibility afforded by its size, excellent Bluetooth connection, and auxiliary port. It makes for a decent set of wired speaker when you need one, it pairs quickly and reliably with my iPad mini over Bluetooth (with very few drops), and it has enough battery to last for days. It isn’t quite as sturdy or as sharp-looking as a Jawbone Jambox, but the $150 EDGE.sound is still an interesting offering in the growing market of postable wireless speakers — and it has the benefit of being one of the more affordable options, to boot.

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