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OOTP 14 now available for preorder

Time to break out the bats, boys.  Baseball is almost here!  OOTP 14 was officially announced last week.  Due in April, OOTP’s next release boasts some promising new features.  A full description of all the new features can be found here, but here are some of the highlights:

Completely Recoded Player Origin System:  As if OOTP 13 didn’t feature enough ways into the league, OOTP 14 completely revamps how players come into your league.  There are five unique ways, and in typical OOTP fashion, they’re all customizable.

Better Player Development Tracking:  Despite all of the customization options at your fingertips, OOTP can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming.  For me, one of the more frustrating aspects was not getting a good feel for how players were developing.  This year, you’ll receive a monthly update from your scout, where he’ll inform you of anything happening in the minors that requires your attention.  If you have a 19-year-old gem of a starting pitcher buried in single A, you’ll want to know about it.

OOTP 14 also promises an improved interface, better contract negotiation AI, more storylines, and much, much more.

Out of the Park Developments is currently accepting preorders at the discounted price of $34.99 through February 15.  Anyone who preorders by then is entered into a drawing to win a 64GB iPod Touch or one of three $100 Amazon gift cards.  Preorders after then will be at the full $39.99 price, but anyone who preorders will receive the game three days prior to its official release date in April.

Click here for preorder information.

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