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Sena Florence for iPad mini Review

The Sena Florence combines the functionality of Apple’s Smart Cover with the svelte look of a slim leather case. It’s a simple, lovely case that preserves a lot of the lightness and thinness of the iPad mini.

When sitting flat on a table, the front cover can be tucked into a leather flap on the rear to serve as a typing stand or a viewing stand — pretty standard fare for iPad cases these days, but still worth mentioning. All of the buttons and ports are accessible, and the iPad mini still feels very thin, despite the added protection from the leather. All of the inner surfaces are covered with a soft felt, so there’s minimal danger of scratching (although dust and crumbs tend to cling to the fabric, as well).

The magnetic cover also does a good job of staying put when you want it to, and tends to close with a satisfying little thwack – protecting your iPad screen and putting the device to sleep in one quick motion. I’ve had some issues with previous Florence covers not working properly on my iPad 2, but the design that Sena adapted for the mini is perfect.

The exterior of the case is deliciously soft black Italian leather that’s smooth to the touch, and quite glossy. It’s not thick enough to help much with a drop, but all of the corners are very well padded, which should take the sting away from any minor bumps. You won’t be denting the corner of your brand new iPad mini while it’s inside of a Florence.

The only part of the case that I feel is lacking is some sort of way to secure the cover to the rear of the device. I would have loved an extra magnet or some sort of strap (as on the Sena Jornal) to hold the cover flat against the back of the iPad mini for reading in bed, or on the subway. Holding the cover in place with pressure from my hand isn’t impossible, but I don’t find it particularly comfortable.


I think the $80 Florence is a very handsome leather case — one of the best on the market. It looked good on my iPad 2, but it’s even better now that it has been adapted for the iPad mini. The mini is a device that’s light enough to really warrant a thin case, and the Florence and its magnetic cover make for a great combo. I just wish that Sena had found a way to secure the cover to the back of the case to match the way that it snaps so nicely to the front.

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