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Sena Jonal for iPad mini Review

Sena’s Jornal is one of the more novel iPad mini case designs out there. The inside of the cover features a pocket for coupons and cards (and even an ID), and the elastic strap that keeps the cover in place is reminiscent of the ones frequently used for journals and organizers. When the Jornal is closed, it looks a lot like a little black book, and the splash of red on the elastic band makes for a striking accent. It’s classy.

Good Fit, Great Size

The iPad is locked into place by a small strip of cloth with a Velcro seal. Access to ports and button is mostly good, but I did notice that the camera wasn’t always perfectly aligned with the rear cutout. I think the main issue here is that the Velcro seal has to be a little longer, so that it not only secures the iPad, but also keeps it properly aligned at all times.

Using the iPad mini inside of the Jornal is a pleasure. The case thickens the device noticeably, but I think of this as more of a feature than a flaw. The Jornal makes the mini something you can really grasp, and the leather provides enough protection to allow you to place the iPad on any surface without worrying about damage. The cover isn’t magnetic, but the same elastic that seals the cover to the front can be used to pin it against the rear of the device. If you hate how the Smart Cover can tend to flap around while you hold the mini, then you’re going to love this case (because that will never happen again).

The two landscape stands are the standard fare you’d find in most other folio cases: one for typing and one for viewing. However, if you want an even lower typing stand, you can fold the cover back and tuck it into the elastic, allowing for a second makeshift typing angle that’s a little more shallow than the first.


There’s one part of the Jornal that I don’t really understand, and that’s the interior of the cover, which is lined with pockets for cards and coupons. I’ve never wanted to keep important cards or ID in the same container as my iPad, especially because I’ll be flashing those cards at everyone while the Jornal’s cover is folded back. But if you want to use the iPad mini to take the load off of your wallet, then I suppose that this case can help you with that.


The $90 Jornal doesn’t feature Sena’s smoothest leather — it’s a little more rough than their other cases — but it’s still gorgeous and superbly made. All of the features are decidedly analog: little pockets for cards, a leather flap along the back to turn the front cover into a stand, and an elastic strap to old the cover in place (just like on your Moleskine!). It’s a fun mix, this combination of old and brand-spanking-new tech, and it makes the Jornal one of the more intriguing cases on the market. If you’re tired of seeing all of the me-too folio designs and want something with a little more style, check out the Sena Jornal.

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