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Pocket Informant on sale for MacWorld/iWorld

If you’ve never heard of WebIS’ Pocket Informant, then you should definitely take a look at this. The application originated over a decade ago on Windows Mobile, and became the gold standard PIM app for that platform. A few years ago, WebIS brought their application over to iOS, much to the excitement to many of us former users who had already migrated away from Microsoft’s aging OS. While it started off as a much more modest app, due to the limitations of iOS at the time, it has grown into a real powerhouse in the last three years. (Just for the record, before I became a writer at iSource, I was actually an early beta tester of PI on iOS).

Pocket Informant is one of the few PIM apps available for iOS that allows you to manage both your calendar and tasks simultaneously, on the same views. It was one of the first iOS apps to integrate to Google Calendar directly, and has grown to include native iOS Calendars and Reminders, Toodledo Tasks, Google Tasks, and a desktop link to MS Outlook. Last year, WebIS even rolled out their own subscription web integration service, called Pocket Informant Online, which offers seamless integration to all of PI’s features, getting around some of the inherent limitations of each of the outside data integrations that are available.

I have used PI for a decade now, and while it isn’t perfect, Alex Kac and his team are very responsive and are constantly refining and adding new features. For example, their coming release of version 2.7 will add Evernote integration, which I am really excited about, as it will bring my two favorite productivity apps together. I rely on this app more than any other on my iPhone or iPad because of the flexibility and features that it adds to my time management, which go far beyond the stock iOS apps. From more and better calendar views, to having your Events and Tasks on the same page, to the power to do full project management level tasks handling and organization, PI stands alone for those who need more productivity horsepower.

From today until Saturday, in honor of MacWorld/iWorld, both versions of Pocket Informant for iOS are available 40% off regular price. The full version, Pocket Informant Pro, is $8.99 ($14.99 regular price) and the more streamlined and simplified version, Pocket Informant Go!, is $3.99 ($5.99 regular price). Also, if you are a cross-platform user, PI for Android is also on sale for $6.99 ($9.99 regular price). If you’ve ever wanted more control of your scheduling and task management, then you should definitely take advantage of this sale.

Pocket Informant Pro and Pocket Informant Go! are available in the iOS App Store, and Pocket Informant for Android is available from Google Play.

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