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FX Photo Studio for iPhone and iPad

FX Photo Studio is a fetching and flexible photo manipulation app that makes adjusting and filtering photos a breeze. The $0.99 iPhone and $2.99 iPad apps are sold separately, but they are both similarly capable.

It all starts with a quick photo import, which is followed by an initial crop (though you can always opt not to crop, and save that step for later). Once you have your main photo selected, you can add text, adjust brightness or contrast, or selectively saturate and desaturate portions of the photo (creating an evocative colour splash effect). 

The main attractions of the app, however, are the various filter effects that you can apply to your photos. There are 189 effects that come with the download (and more are available as in-app purchases), but in practice you’ll really only want to use a handful. Most filters are minor tweaks of one another, but they are presented in a very attractive manner and divided into convenient categories to help you find the ones you’re most likely to want to use. Once you’ve found a few good filters, you can add them to a list of favourites, so that they’re only ever a few taps away.

Each filter has a few aspects that you can adjust, and tapping on a filter will show you a live preview, laid right over your photograph. One aspect that I really like is that each of the 189 available filter effects can be selectively painted on with a brush. This means that you can select just one part of your canvas to look like a charcoal drawing, and leave the rest of the picture as is.

Exporting is made very easy, and the menu looks great on both iPhone and iPad. There are options to save to the Camera Roll, clipboard, or a special Documents folder (which can then be accessed through iTunes). The sharing menu is pretty standard, and the following screenshot shows all of the networks that you can share to:

FX Photo Studio certainly isn’t the only photo editing app on the block, but it manages to offer a lot of powerful editing options while maintaining a very attractive and straightforward interface, and that’s what makes it interesting. It’s an app that’s as pretty as the pixels passing through it, and that makes it a lot more fun to use.

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