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JuiceCan – Power in a can

We received a heads-up on this new product trying to come to market today, and it instantly got my curiosity going. It’s easy these days to overlook products that promise to keep you going and going, but rarely does one come across which could ultimately live up to its billing.

The JuiceCan(e) is a novel new take on an old problem. How do you provide varying levels of power for each person’s personal needs? For example: A person who travels across the country and doesn’t have time to stop and “plug in” needs a lot more power than say myself who spends most days in the office, but occasionally spends a few hours at a swim meet for the kid.

Enter the JuiceCan(e). Individual power “cans”, each holding 7800 mAh (3x iPhone 5 charges), which can connect together to provide up to a whopping 54,600 mAh of juice. You read that right. Enough to charge your iPad completely 14 times over.

The JuiceCan(e) isn’t available just yet. They need your help getting this product to market. There’s a few different DONATION options available in order to help fund the campaign, and I’d suggest you review those to find the one that suits you.

Please also make sure you review the indiegogo FAQ as this is a flexible funding campaign. I would consider this a donation – with the bonus of getting a product if funding is reached.

Disclaimer: This post is NOT funded by AMP Tech, and we are in no way endorsing the product or indiegogo. Please consider your options before donating to any unfunded product.

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