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Mac Pro MIA? Report suggests otherwise

Apple recently hit a snag in the EU and is having to halt the sales of the Mac Pro on March 1st due to regulations. This leaves a product gap, but MacGeneration is reporting that France Systems has issued a newsletter in which they claim that Apple will be introducing a new Mac Pro later this Spring.

Apple is usually very hush regarding future products, but for some reason, the Mac Pro has been a different case. Last summer the company offered a tepid update to the aging machine, and when asked about a more substantial update, CEO Tim Cook indicated a product for the Mac Pro market will arrive sometime in 2013.

Ars Technica tried to follow up on this story by asking Apple PR if they could confirm these claims. The company responded by pointing back to Cook’s earlier comments, claiming that a new Mac Pro (or a machine comparable to the Mac Pro) is on the way.

After three and a half years of covering Apple news and rumors in some form or fashion, I’ve learned that Apple chooses their words very carefully, and that you have to interpret what they mean. Apple has yet to say,”Yes, a new Mac Pro is on the way in 2013.” Instead, Cook’s original statement is as follows:

Our pro customers are really important to us…don’t worry as we’re working on something really great for later next year.

Not one word of a Mac Pro is mentioned. Perhaps it is just a significant refresh of the Mac Pro line, and everything will be well and good. Then again, there is a chance that Apple has something significant up their sleeve. Previous Rumors have suggested a totally new case for the Mac Pro- perhaps one that is even rack-mountable.



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  • camelsnot

    sorry but who really cares at this point. We bought a “new” macpro last year when the “new” ones were out. Dated hardware, dated video card, dated OS. We had nothing but issues using Maya, FCP, AE and even photoshop for long periods of time. Apple needs to quit pretending they care about pros. Most of us have moved on to PCs where you get faster refreshes, speedy machines and cheaper cost. By the time a “new” Mac Pro hits the street it’s already 6+ months behind competing workstations. Apple continues to sell the Mac Pro at a markup for over a year. So if you buy one 14 months after its release, and they still list it as “NEW” on their site, you’re paying even more of a markup for dated technology. A year old workstation with dated parts shouldn’t cost the same as a new workstation with up to date parts. People need to quit Apple, period.

    • rambler

      Compared to other work stations (HP, Dell) I’ve usually seen that the Mac pro is competitively priced. You might spend a few hundred more on one or the other. I’m not sure how you can say the pro is outdated. It has everything that you would get from other workstations such as ECC memory (at least 16gb) also you get all the advantage from the Xeon processor (processor scaling, ECC support, ect.) Saying the software is “dated” makes absolutely no sense, if you prefer another operating system for whatever reason (stability, ease of use, etc.) does not mean the one you don’t prefer is “dated.” Also your statement about Apple selling dated hardware after a year can be said for any company. HP and Dell don’t upgrade there workstations every few months, and they could give a damn less if you bought one of there “new” 14 month old product that will be soon replaced. The only Mac product I’ve owned is a Mac mini (core2 duo model) and albeit being a little older it’s able to run all the programs you stated that are giving you issues.