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HBO subscribers can now view content on Apple TV

Eric Kessler of HBO announced earlier today at the AllThingsD Dive Into Media Conference, that HBO subscribers will be able to use AirPlay with the HBO Go app. This means, that HBO content can now be streamed to an Apple TV with AirPlay.

HBO Go has allowed users to watch HBO programing on PCs, game consoles, and tablets for some time now, but never the Apple TV. Kessler also noted that HBO will be bringing a native Apple TV app to the platform in the future. This native app will likely work much the same way the Netflix and Hulu Plus apps currently do.

I say it is only a mater of time before all TV programing is offered up in this manner. Some of the larger independent players such as HBO and Netflix are moving this direction, but large networks such as NBC and CBS are still trying to get the toothpaste back in the tube. People want their content when and where they want it, not merely when it is offered. Times change and HBO seems to have the right idea.

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