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iOS updated to 6.1.2, evasi0n keeps pace with version 1.4

Apple has been busy again–this time releasing iOS 6.1.2 update only a week after 6.1.1 saw the light of day.  This latest update fixes a nasty exchange calendar bug that may cause a dramatic increase in network activity.  In addition, it also addresses reduced battery issues some users have been reporting. Increased chatter on Twitter yesterday by one of the evad3rs members @planetbeing seem to lay to rest any concerns on whether or not Apple had patched the highly coveted exploit.



Have no fear, the evad3rs jailbreak team has been testing 6.1.2, and discovered that it does not break the exploit used to crack iOS 6.  Feel free to update your software via iTunes after you backed up your device much the same way you do to prep for any jailbreak. Then head over to the evasi0n website where you can download the latest jailbreak version (1.4). 




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