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MLB At Bat releases update for the 2013 season

The massively popular MLB At Bat app was updated today for the upcoming 2013 season.  If you’re already an At Bat user, then you’ll feel right at home with this update.  If you’re not already an At Bat user, stop reading right now, go download the app, and then come back.  No, really.  Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Now that we’re all on board, it’s time to get excited for another season of America’s past time.  This year’s edition of the app continues its recent trend of providing a few new features, some design tweaks, and pricing options.  New features for 2013:

  • Multi-platform live audio access for At Bat 13 subscribers (portable to Mac/PC with a valid MLB.com account)
  • Universal support for At Bat 13 subscribers, accessible on iPhone, iPad and other supported smartphones and tablets
  • Batting, pitching and fielding statistics (iPad)
  • Re-designed individual team pages (iPhone)
  • Updated news section interface (iPhone)
  • Classic games library (iPhone and iPad)
  • Re-architected navigations (iPhone and iPad)
  • Additional push notification options (iPhone)
  • Additional features are promised to arrive by Opening Day.

We also get another $5 price hike this year, which is unfortunate considering this app has now doubled in price from when it first launched a few years ago.  To be fair, At Bat is one of the better apps ever released on iOS devices, and is easily the best out of any of the four major American sports.  It’s definitely worth the price of admission, but I question whether enough has been added to justify the price increase.

That being said, this has been an automatic purchase for me each season since its release, and this year was no different.

MLB At Bat is a universal app that is available for free with limited features.  To enjoy the full feature list, including those mentioned above, you’ll need to upgrade to premium for $19.99.  You can also choose the monthly option, which will cost you $2.99 per month, billed through iTunes.

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