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ZooGue BinderPad on sale until Monday

 ZooGue has offered some awesome promotions in the past, as well as some really great products (see here). I continue to regularly use their Genius Case Pro as my default case when I don’t need a keyboard.

Until Monday 2/25, they are offering an ingenious product called the BinderPad for over 70% off. This product reminds me of a pencil case that can be inserted into a 3-ring binder – only designed to hold an iPad 2 or above! Check out their videos of the BinderPad on their website.

According to their description:

…this new innovative BinderPad Case is like nothing out on the market. The BinderPad is the thinnest most convenient iPad 2 pouch to turn any regular 3 ring binder into a BinderPad. Now with more and more schools requiring iPads instead of textbooks, we have taken it upon ourselves to create the first case just for students.

Given the amount of time I spend myself with 3-ring binders, I plan on grabbing at least one for myself, and maybe a couple more for the kids!

ZooGue’s website and BinderPad.

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