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Review: 7 Little Words – a word game that’s entertaining and challenging


Infrequently do app developers create game apps that are both simple to learn and difficult to master, as well as teasingly fun and enjoyably taunting to complete. Blue Ox Technologies, makers of my one of my favorite iOS word games, Moxie, has succeeded in the development of their whimsically named iOS app 7 Little Words.

Play is simple:


Yet because the division of the words rarely are syllabic, there are abundant complexities of finding the correct word: think crossword clues intersecting a modified Scrabble(R) rack.


For the cost of downloading the free iOS version, you receive a daily puzzle (also available online), as well as 50 free puzzles (additional puzzles are available for purchase within the app). 7 Little Words has grown quickly in popularity beyond world of handheld devices – Kindle, Nook, Android, iOS – and made its way to some newspapers and  an upcoming publication in April, 2013.


Also Blue Ox Technologies is also releasing a new app for younger audiences, 7 Little Words for Kids. The developer was generous enough to provide me access to the upcoming release, and like the adult version, the game holds great promise for elementary age children (review pending). Blue Ox’s investment in thoughtful games is apparent in its generosity in giving away games for educational purposes as well.

What do you like best about playing 7 Little Words and other word games? Let us know!


7 Little Words is available for free here in the App Store.

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