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Cricket/Leap Wireless selling fewer iPhones than expected


BGR is reporting that Cricket/Leap Wireless, a regional US carrier, will have only purchased half of it’s first-year commitment of iPhone by this June. In June of 2012 Cricket began selling the iPhone 4 and 4S after signing on to buy $900 million in iPhones over an undisclosed period of time in a deal with Apple.

Cricket received access to the iPhone 5 only a week after the major US carriers did last fall. This makes sense considering that cricket is considered a “super-reginal” carrier with more than five million customers. The carrier also offers nation-wide roaming coverage through partnerships with other carriers.

Android fans will immediately suggests that this indicates the decline of the iPhone. Without hard numbers we can’t be sure- Android phones on the Cricket network may also be down from expectations. No, what this tells me is that consumers aren’t as willing to buy an iPhone with little to no subsidy, just to save on their monthly bill.


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