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Flexible glass displays still a ways off says Corning


Just the other day a New York Times report suggested that Apple could use Corning’s flexible “Willow Glass” in a smart-watch. Bloomberg has followed up and is reporting that Corning doesn’t expect the flexible glass to hit market for another three or more years.

President James Clappin notes that Willow Glass might make it’s way into simpler products by the end of this year, but a far more complicated flexible display is still a long way off. Clappin also declined to comment on a smart-watch product with Apple.

Apple uses Corning glass in it’s mobile products, and it would be no stretch of the imagination for the two companies to work together on a smart-watch, or any other product for that matter. It just seems that it will be a few years before we see an advanced product with a flexible or curved screen.


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  • What what about the flexible screen that samsung made and this was announced like a year ago? so im sure theyve improved the screen by now?