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Review: 7 Little Words for Kids – a game both parents and kids can love


Last week I highlighted the app, 7 Little Words, and was promised a new release, 7 Little Words for Kids. Like the adult version, 7 Little Words for Kids, is entertaining and challenging but on an appropriately smaller scale.7_little_words_for_kids_playThe rules are the same as the adult version: from a given clue and number of letters (think a crossword puzzle) the player is guess the answer from the provided letter tiles.

Although the kid version of this game is more syllabic than the adult version, the chunking of letter combinations to make words can be a challenge for kids. My 10 year-old found it a bit too boring, while my kindergartener justifiably needed to hear the clues read aloud.

Playing with kids can be a definite learning opportunity and entertaining, and the colors and app backgrounds make it visually more appealing than the sandy-colored adult version. As always, what parents put into the experience with their kids make the learning more interesting than the app alone. 7 Little Words for Kids may just provide that experience for parent, and reading/spelling experience for child, and keep both intrigued by a growing vocabulary of their reader and thinker!

7 Little Words for Kids is available here in the App Store for $0.99 as a universal iPhone / iPad app.

7 Little Words for Kids was provided by Blue Ox Technologies to iSource.com for review. Please see our About page for more information.

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  • These type of educational games are beneficial fot both kids and parent. 7 little words helps a lot kids to learn different words. Cool Mixer is a fun game if parents wants to learn their kids about colors. Download from itune store absolutely free.:) 🙂

  • Pretty Gamer

    I’m going to try it with my daughter

    • Jay

      I bet she’ll love it as much as my kiddos do! 🙂