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Google Reader Shutting Down July 1st

Google Reader


It pains me a bit to say this, but Google has officially announced the end of Google Reader. I’ve relied on Google Reader for what feels like my whole life, but I know it hasn’t been that long. Actually to say I rely on Google Reader is a bit of an understatement. I get the majority of my news and updates via RSS.

Google Reader


So, yea… That’s my Google Reader statistics for the last little while. What’s yours look like?

At any rate, the time is now to start looking at alternatives, and to get you going the fine folks over at Lifehacker have some decent alternatives listed out. I highly recommend taking a look over the apps they’ve listed out and give a couple of them a shot. Keep in mind this change will not just affect Google Reader alone – Some of your favorite apps (cough Reeder cough) which use Google as their back end will also stop functioning on July 1st.

You’ve still got plenty of time, but if you’re an RSS user like I am, don’t put this off until the last minute!

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  • Renkman

    You have “read” 300,000+ items? That’s exactly why I switched away from a RSS feed and now almost solely use my Twitter feed instead. For me, Twitter is much easier to scroll through and pick out what I want to read. If I don’t have time to read an article while paging through Twitter, I simply send it to a news aggregate like Instapaper or Readability and finish as time allows. My RSS feed got too unwieldy to handle and I found that when I finally did get to it there was an overwhelming amount of articles to “read.” However, with Twitter I can keep the flow steady most days.

  • From 84 subscriptions, over the past 30 days I’ve read 5,144 items. Since October 15, 2007 I’ve read 300,000+ items.

  • James Rogers

    This is a great reminder to some tech enthusiasts who think that Google is some utopian tech philanthropic organization that they are actually a business. As such, they just made a business decision to cut a lot of their core users off at the knees in favor of pushing Google+ further down our throats.