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Mailbox for iPhone app acquired by Dropbox


Mailbox, the extremely popular new gmail client for the iPhone, has been acquired by Dropbox.  The announcement was made on their website earlier today.  The interest in Mailbox continues to grow at a staggering rate since launching just last month, delivering over 60 million emails a day.  By joining Dropbox the Mailbox team hopes to be able to scale it’s service and roll put new features to it’s users at a faster pace.  If you still are unsure about Mailbox, checkout my review from last month.


We can’t wait to put Mailbox in the hands of everyone who wants it. This means not only continuing to scale the service, but also including support for more email providers and mobile devices. Add to that a host of new features and we’ve got a LOT of work to do, certainly more than our current team of 14 can handle. We need to grow and we need to grow thoughtfully, with top-notch people who share our goals and values.

Enter Dropbox, the team from San Francisco who helps over 100M people bring their photos, docs, and videos with them anywhere. They’re a profoundly talented bunch who build great tools that make work frictionless, and Mailbox fits Dropbox’s mission like a glove. Plus, they’ve got a ton of experience scaling services and are experts at handling people’s data with care. In short, Dropbox is our kind of company.

Rather than grow Mailbox on our own, we’ve decided to join forces with Dropbox and build it out together. To be clear, Mailbox is not going away. The product needs to grow fast, and we believe that joining Dropbox is the best way to make that happen. Plus, imagine what cool things you could do if your Mailbox was connected to your Dropbox…


I still enjoying using Mailbox, and I’m definitely a daily Dropbox user as well.  Hopefully the extra muscle and experience Dropbox can provide will not only help Mailbox deliver it’s product to all those still waiting in line, but also provide its growing user base with a reliable and safe service.

Did you ever sign-up for Mailbox?  If so, have you enjoyed using the gmail client, or are you over the hype?  Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • James Rogers

    I love Mailbox. As good as the Gmail app for iOS is, I like Mailbox a lot better. Gmail is now stashed in a folder and Mailbox is in my dock.

    I am a little concerned about the Dropbox connection, though. I do use my free space that I have on there, but I use Box, Evernote, and Drive more because I have more space on them and cheaper subscription options in some cases. Hopefully Dropbox won’t do anything crazy, like requiring subscriptions for Mailbox use, but you never know.

    One positive is that Dropbox might give the Mailbox team the backing to grow beyond just Gmail, and bring the client to other mail services, as well.

    • Renkman

      James, Mailbox had mentioned in the very beginning that they were indeed interested in bringing their service to other mail clients as well. Perhaps with the backing of Dropbox this will come to fruition. I still use it everyday, but unfortunately I also have other email accounts that aren’t on Gmail that need my attention as well, so this would be a big plus for me.

  • Mailbox is a great app. Some people don’t like it because it tells you how you should be reading your email. This is frustrating for people who have very complex set-ups for filtering the emails and Mailbox will not work for them. For those who are flexible and willing to follow the Mailbox way, it is awesome. It has helped me achieve Inbox Zero daily for the past couple of weeks. That’s something I have not accomplished in the past five years. Now I just blaze through my inbox a few times a day and I’m done.