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Monthly Memes

image courtesy of Adam McNamara

According to Wikipedia, a meme (pronounced /mēm/) is “an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.” Because of the now ubiquitous nature of the internet, constant connectivity, Facebook, the “Featured” area of the App Store, etc., these cultural ideas seem to spread like a virus. So what memes have I encountered lately? Ahh… let me share the current obsessions.


SongPop (free) – No, I never tilled a faux farm through Facebook, but I’ll be damned if I will turn down an opponent at speed-guessing either the artist or song title from a list of four choices while listening to a song clip. Earn coins to “buy” playlists, weekly points for accumulating advantages (such as removing two choices), and earn bragging rights.


4 Pics 1 Word (free) – A name that describes it all: the 4 pictures give hints at the word you’re to guess from too many letter tiles. Fortunately, the number of letters of the desired word is provided. Unfortunately, the “phone a friend” feature for Facebook is used way too often.


What’s the Phrase (free) – Words with Friends creator, Zynga, “steals” another popular idea with their twist on Wheel of Fortune. Much to the chagrin of my iPhone 3Gs owning 10-year old son, What’s the Phrase only works on iPhone 4S or above. This meme is in the entry stages and may or may not make it to your locale.

What about you? What’s the meme you’ve seen show up in your social circles?


(Image source : Adam McNamara)


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