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Apple offering free next day shipping for iPhone


Apple is firing on all cylinders lately in regards to marketing the iPhone. First they sent out an email and set up a web page devoted to pointing out all the reasons customers love the iPhone. Then they sent a follow up email letting customers know that they received yet another J.D. Power award for customer satisfaction. Apple is now sweetening the pot and offering free next-day shipping for all iPhone models. This even includes the iPhone 4, which is free when you sign up for a new two year carrier subsidized contract.

The timing of this advertising push is not purely happenstance. Samsung recently introduced the Galaxy S 4, and Apple is making sure that they’re not drowned out by the millions of dollars Samsung is pouring into their advertising campaign. Then again, that’s the only way Samsung can sell a phone. Amiright?

At any rate, this new offer is available now, and is limited to two iPhone purchases at a time. There is no word as to how long the offer will continue.

It’s becoming more and more clear as Apple and Samsung compete head-to-head in the mobile device space that Apple isn’t going to budge from it’s annual iPhone refresh cycle. Mostly because they don’t have to. They produce a stellar phone–good enough to sustain sales throughout the whole year.  Then they introduce the next iPhone, which can carry the company another year.   Every year, like clockwork.

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