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T-Mobile to announce iPhone availability at press event tomorrow [RUMOR]


CNET is reporting that T-Mobile will announce the availability of the iPhone on their network at the “Uncarrier” event that is being held in New York City tomorrow. If true, this will mean that the iPhone is finally available on all four major US carriers.

This should come as no surprise considering that T-Mobile confirmed that they would be selling Apple products sometime in 2013. It seems that time has come sooner rather than later.

The iPhone announcement is merely icing on T-Mobile’s announcement cake. The company is currently rebranding itself, and it is expected to announce the end of device subsidies, and the introduction of contract free phones. T-Mobile is also expected to announce the availability of it’s LTE network at tomorrow’s event.

The iPhone is no stranger to T-Mobile USA’s network, as the carrier has touted in the past that over two million iPhones are running on their network, despite the lack of official support.

It was only a matter of time before T-Mobile joined the family. Personally, I was surprised they weren’t brought on board when Apple introduced the iPhone on Sprint’s network in the fall of 2011. It seems that either there was a business disagreement, or Apple had no interest in including the device on T-Mobile’s network. This is unlikely, though, since the iPhone is available on several regional carriers sprinkled throughout the US.


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