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Apple adds ‘Offers In-App Purchases’ disclosure to apps in App Store


Veterans of the App Store will tell you the “free” price tag many apps carry do not reflect the lack of cost, but the presence of in-app purchases.  Most free apps are anything but, featuring an annoying blend of invasive advertisements and continuous prompts to buy stuff.  Coins.  Stars.  Levels.  Colors.  Anything will do, really.  Just tap buy, please.

To at least help make consumers more aware of what they’re browsing, Apple has quietly rolled out a disclosure to their apps.  If it contains in-app purchases, it says so beneath the app.  This is especially useful for the “looks-too-good-to-be-free” apps as they will now be much easier to point out.

The change was rolled out to the desktop store at first before hitting the iOS store as well.

Do you find the change beneficial when browsing the App Store?

Image credit to support.apple.com

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